This couple drove over 33 hours to adopt a blind dog that needed a family

His previous owners relinquished him to the shelter on the grounds that they were unable to care for him. He was living in appalling conditions and was blind; the shelter suspected a backyard breeding setup gone wrong.

They anticipated he would have difficulty finding a home and shared his tale repeatedly until it reached the appropriate individuals over 2,000 miles away.

And they were truly the right people, since they were willing to drive 33 hours to meet him and determine if they were compatible. Fortunately, he was, and this lovely puppy now has a forever home.

The 5-month-old bulldog puppy was surrendered to the Sacramento SPCA in mid-April. He was emaciated, terrified, covered with feces, afflicted with a big abscess beneath his chin, and blind. They discovered he had an uncommon congenital problem in both eyes: his irises were glued to the back of his corneas, resulting in scarring, which implies he may develop glaucoma in the future.

They gave him the name “Batty” and all the love and care he required. He was placed in foster care until his forever home could be found, which they knew would be difficult because blind dogs are seldom the first to go home. However, the shelter did not let this stop them from using the power of social media in the hope that someone would want to be his family and help him.

That is when Cassidy Kraus and Brett Weyers enter the picture. This couple already owned a blind dog named Soto, and they knew they could provide Batty with the home he deserved. The only issue is that they lived in Wisconsin (almost 2,000 miles away) and needed to meet Batty in order to determine if he was a good match for Soto.

That did not deter them, however. They drove 33 hours to Sacramento and found that the findings were much better than expected. Both dogs instantly fell in love with one another, indicating that Batty had found a home.

Both dogs behave admirably on the trip back. They were staying in a motel and awoke extremely early to play and chase one another around (in the best way two blind dogs can chase each other). The couple shared the following on FB:

“He is absolutely wonderful. So full of love, cuddles, and playfulness. Our hearts are so full of love right now and we cannot wait to start this journey with him and show him just how awesome the Packers and snow can really be!”

Batty is now known as Agos, a diminutive of the Greek word Agios, which translates as saint. He has been home for three days and is doing well thus far. It appears to me that it will continue to improve. We can’t wait to update you on Agos’s new loving home!