This Little Dog Peeking Over A Fence Is Making People Uncomfortable

This is Junebug. She’s a curious, small puppy with a big personality.

But, yes, she might come across as a bit intense at times.

In recent days, this snapshot of the 4-pound pooch has been making the rounds on the internet, thanks to its adorable expression. Junebug may be seen gazing over the top of a towering fence, her eyes fixed on the spectator with what looks to be a macabre expression on her face.

“I’ve never been more terrified of a dog,” one user who shared the image on Twitter said.

Here’s a deeper look into what I mean.

Junebug’s photo went viral. As a result, she has been compared to Beetlejuice, the Joker, and even that creepy clown from “It” on the internet.

Are you sure her expression isn’t creepy? Certainly. Despite this, Junebug isn’t very frightful.

Dodo was able to locate Junebug’s owner, Tim K., to discover more about their “scary” dog and the photo that went viral worldwide. It’s true that Junebug’s frightening aura doesn’t match up with reality. She is, in fact, as pure as an angel can be.

As Tim put it, “Junebug is the cutest dog you’ll ever meet.” She’s a people person. When you meet her, you’ll fall head over heels in love, too. “She’s the loveliest little thing in the world,” he said.

Junebug, on the other hand, can be a little grumpy even when she isn’t.

How does Junebug manage to see over that fence in the picture above? In addition, there’s a nice story behind it.

There is a fence in our backyard for privacy, Tim explained. In order to see what is going on on the other side of the fence, Junebug will occasionally ask to be picked up and held by me. We gave her the go to take a look around.

The photo was taken by Tim’s wife, and he chose to share it with the online dog community.

“It was just a cute picture for us,” he said. Until people started saying it, I had no idea she had such an intense expression on her face.

But Junebug is the only one.

Tim and his wife had no idea their dog’s picture would go viral or that many would interpret it as frightening. However, they are aware of the truth and are eager to share it with others.

It’s no secret that my husband and I love dogs. As Tim stated, “She’s a member of our family.” “Junebug would be ecstatic if she knew how much attention she was receiving.”

H/T: The DoDo