This Parrot Got A Brand-New Beak After He Was Rescued In A Horrifying Condition

It is a new year, and we all hope that it brings with it good news. To kick off the wholesome news and warm your heart, here’s a tale of an outstanding parrot rescue mission. A parrot with a severely damaged beak was discovered in Brazil, putting the bird’s life in jeopardy. Needless to say, a healthy and robust beak is critical to the quality of life of parrots because it is used for eating, climbing, manipulating and crushing items, and protection.

The despairing parrot was given a second chance at survival when professionals at Planura’s “Renascer ACN” Animal Rehabilitation Center were able to recreate an outstanding and totally functional beak for the bird. Paulo Roberto Martins Nunziata, the founder of Renascer ACN, explained to Bored Panda how they rebuilt this parrot’s flawless beak.

This bird was rescued in Brazil with a severely damaged beak. Because parrots rely on their beaks for survival, the bird’s life was jeopardized. “This parrot was discovered in appalling condition, having completely lost its beak. We immediately saved it, along with veterinarian Maria ngela Panelli Marchió “According to Paulo Roberto Martins Nunziata, who formed Renascer ACN three years ago to aid various species of animals.

Renascer ACN’s Paulo Roberto Martins Nunziata and Dr. Maria ngela Panelli Marchió gave this parrot a second shot at life. “Dr. Maria ngela Panelli Marchió assists animals that have been rescued in severe condition and provides them with an opportunity to survive and return to nature. She is an animal orthopedic specialist who rehabilitates damaged animals using custom-made plastic resin prostheses. “

They were able to create a fully functional beak prosthesis in its entirety. This brand new beak was handcrafted from polymethylmethacrylate and would require a chainsaw to remove. “The process is entirely manual. The compound employed, polymethylmethacrylate, hardens quickly (three to five minutes) and is so resistant to removal that it would require a chainsaw.”

The parrot has now recovered and can resume its normal life. “Today he has a normal life. However, it simply cannot be returned to its natural habitat because, although the prosthesis is resistant, there is a risk that it will fall over time, as these animals use their beaks for everything. ” 

Photo: renasceracn