This Rescued King Penguin Loved Going To The Fish Market So Much That His Family Taught Him How To Buy Fish On His Own

Despite the fact that many individuals regard penguins to be really cute, few of us would dare to keep them as pets under the correct conditions. However, when the opportunity occurred, one Japanese family did not hesitate to bring one home, making it one of the most unusual pets people have ever seen. creates pintas

In fact, it was so uncommon at the time that journalists from all over the world attempted to contact the family for interviews. Real TV was able to create a short documentary about Lala, a penguin that resides in a small Japanese hamlet, in the 1990s.

Lala is a lovely King penguin who lived with a Japanese family for many years.

The film was produced in 1996, when Lala was approximately 10 years old. Historically, Lala the King penguin resided in a room with air conditioning and patrolled the streets of his town.

After the family brought Lala to the market for the first time, Lala continued to return. So the family decided to give Lala a small backpack and trained him how to get fish from the market on his own.

Seeing the penguin strolling around with his tiny backpack must have been quite the sight for the townsfolk!

You might ask how this family even encountered Lala.

Apparently, the poor penguin was hurt after being trapped in a fishing net. The family nursed Lala back to health after taking him in.

The penguin had become too attached to the family and was unwilling to leave, so it was decided to keep him and provide him with a comfortable life in conditions that are unusual for penguins. Unfortunately, Lala has already passed away, yet his memory lives on today.