This Rottweiler Is So Crazy For Bread, That He Protects It Like His Life Depends On It

Anybody that has ever enjoyed the company of a rottweiler will know that they’re one of the more protective species of canine. Many people often benefit from a rottweiler’s services as a guard dog and as a protector of their family home. 

However, Jakey, the rottweiler, likes to be more specific than just protecting her family’s home. She makes a habit of protecting their bread! As you might expect, she has become quite the Internet sensation after her mum posted snaps on social media of Jakey protecting a loaf of bread as if her life depended on it.  

Her owner, Katrina, said Jakey’s unusual behavior started when they moved to a farm that they now call home. For some unknown reason, Jakey started sniffing out the bread, and when the family was out, she would steal it. 

Fascinatingly, Jakey doesn’t sit there and eat it, as many dogs would. On the contrary, Katrina said: 

“She likes to put it behind the couch and lay by it. She puts it in the closet in my bedroom. I assume she thinks it’s the most important thing to us because we use it so often.” 

Whatever Jakey’s motivation is for looking after the family’s bread, she takes her duties super seriously. No matter where her owners leave it, she uses her incredible sense of smell to sniff it out and protect it at all costs. 

It’s normally put straight into the pantry when Katrina comes home from shopping, but even when she puts it in the fridge, Jakey has been known to prise it open with her paw and take the bread out for safekeeping! 

It doesn’t matter what the make of the loaf is, or whether it’s buns or other baked goods, Jakey will sniff it out and lie next to it until she is relieved of her duties. That time is usually when Katrina returns home from work. 

She is adamant that Jakey has never once tried to sneak even one slice out of the packet and instead sits there patiently and waits for her family to return. Only then does she know that the bread is safe and her job is done! 

But what happens when there’s no bread in the house for Jakey to protect? 

According to Katrina, that’s no problem to the protective rottweiler: 

“If I’m out of bread, she moves on to baked goods. Once she took a Tupperware of cookies off the counter and hid all seventeen individually without breaking any. She led me to all of them.” 

Very few humans could take cookies out of a Tupperware box without sneaking one or two, let alone a dog! 

We’re not sure what’s more impressive; Jakey’s patient guarding of the bread without being asked to, or the incredible discipline she shows in not eating it when it sits next to her all day!