This Shelter Dog Has The Most Unusual Smile And He’s Beautiful

The workers at the shelter realized they were dealing with something special when Zipper, an 8-year-old dog, was found living on the streets. She is a typical small dog, friendly and outgoing, with a deformed jaw that gives her the cutest and strangest grin.

The staff at Huntsville Animal Services believe Zipper’s distinctive smile has absolutely no effect on her. She frequently eats, enjoys treats, and doesn’t seem to be conscious of her distinctive appearance in compared to other dogs.

The Dodo quoted Huntsville Animal Services volunteer Erin Webb as saying the following:

“We don’t know why certain people have malformed jaws. We are unsure of what caused it. She has an overbite and has widely spaced teeth.

Given the condition she was in when she came at the shelter, Zipper most likely lived her entire life as an outdoor dog and was not given the proper care. She appears to have given birth more than once and experiences hair loss due to a flea allergy.

She could have been abandoned because she was no longer needed, but her new shelter family appreciates how priceless she is and will work with her to find a long-term home.

Zipper may not seem precisely like other dogs, but once you see her unique smile, you can’t help but want to meet her.

Because she is an old dog, she is a calm and compassionate woman. She appeared to like trying new things. Her interactions with the other dogs are enjoyable, and she gets along well with Mr. Mike, our other aging dog.