This Stray Dog Interrupts A Fashion Show And Captures All Of The Attention From Those Walking The Runway

Fashion shows provide the opportunity for designers to exhibit their exceptional and distinctive works of art.

Moreover, the public regularly concentrates on models wearing these fashionable attire. But for fashion designer Rohit Bal, an unexpected guest crashed the party and took the spotlight from the models on the runway.

According to The Dodo, a “uninvited guest” infiltrated the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour in Mumbai, India, which was to feature the work of renowned designer Rohit Bal.

During the performance, the audience anticipated actors Sidharth Malhotra and Diana Penty to walk the runway. When it was Malhotra’s turn to perform, a stray dog unexpectedly appeared and grabbed the spotlight.

No one attempted to remove the adorable stray dog, indicating that everyone at the event was okay with him sharing the stage. In a video uploaded on Twitter by entertainment journalist Sohel Fidai, the evening’s main attraction can be seen walking the runway.

After dominating the runway, one of the models gave the dog a well-deserved pat on the head before security guards led the animal away. Although this dog’s stint as a model was brief, we wish him well as he returns home.