This Syrian Man Refuses To Leave His Home In Aleppo To Care For Hundreds Of Abandoned Cats

Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, has been a battleground since 2012, as rival factions have fought for control of the city. Many people left the city in search of a better life, but they couldn’t bring their beloved pets with them.

However, these poor animals are unable to survive on the streets without their owners. Mohammad Aljalee, a nice man, claimed he would stay in the city to care for the plight of the strays.

Alaa started off with a group of 20-30 cats, but a year later, he has more than 170 cats and even dogs under his care. Il Gattaro d’Aleppo, a sanctuary he established to house them all. As a result, anxious families began entrusting Alaa with the care of their pets before departing the country.

As he recounted it, a little girl wept as she handed him her beloved pet. Her parents had made the difficult decision to leave the country, but they were unable to take their cat. Alaa agreed to give her pictures of her kitties till they returned after she asked him to. He sends her pictures of her cat all the time. Alaa begged, “Please promise to release my cat back to me when we return,” to which the girl implored, “Please promise.”

But he isn’t alone, because these cats have become his new mates since his old pals fled the nation. “No matter what happens, I’ll be there for them,” he stated. People who are kind to others are kind to all living things.

Alaa is now referred to as “the Aleppo cat man.” Aside from rescuing hundreds of animals, Alaa frequently saves people from the ravages of war. This man has become an integral part of Aleppo’s everyday life and is a hero to the city. In light of what he accomplished, he is deserving of recognition.

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