Three homeless dogs formed a team and were later rescued together

Dogs are men’s best friends, but they can also be best friends. The relationship between dogs is sometimes so unbelievable that it can make us humans doubt ourselves. Seriously, there’s a lot we can learn from them.

Amazon, Bear, and Juniper were once three stray dogs who found each other on the street and became best friends naturally. When Hope For Paws’ Eldad Hagar and his colleagues heard about these three and reached the mentioned location, he was not surprised that they were still together.

Bear the rottweiler was the friendliest of the three, while Amazon and Juniper seemed more cautious. Of course, the rescuers wanted to get them all back to their shelters, but there was still one problem: Amazon just gave birth not too long ago (with two best friends by her side), and they had to figure out where she kept the puppies.

The Amazon Labrador retriever is an intelligent dog with great maternal instincts; she had purposely made it very difficult for them to locate her newborn cubs. Somehow, the rescue was difficult and dangerous, but thanks to their patience, kindness, and great teamwork, they soon found the seven pups – all in good health.

After they finished saving the dog family, Juniper the pit bull was gone. The rescuers had planned to get Bear, Amazon, and her cubs ahead, but just as they were about to move, Juniper suddenly reappeared and started barking furiously because it was apparent he was too much worried about his friends. They couldn’t catch this stubborn guy right away, so they decided to let Bear stay to calm their friend’s spirits.

Amazon and her puppies have been adopted by a wonderful foster family, and the sweet dog has settled into her new home.

As for her two male friends, rescuers had to go back another day to finally lure Juniper into a trap and bring them both home. It turns out that Bear has a chip – which explained why he behaved so cutely in front of humans. However, his owner didn’t want him back.

Of course, Eldad and his friends helped them find a wonderful permanent home afterward. It’s a bit sad when the three friends then have to go their separate ways, but they all knew how lucky they were to have each other to guide them through the tough times of their lives. Their beautiful friendship can definitely touch anyone’s heart.

Watch the choking rescue here: