Tiny baby fox found alone and ‘crying’ is saved and reunited with mom

A joyful ending for a lonely newborn fox discovered in the garden of a homeowner When a group of rescuers rescued him, the adorable little creature was upset and crying. He was eventually reunited with his mother, which was a blessing!

When this Virginia family noticed a baby fox alone in their backyard, they instantly suspected something was wrong. Because the fox appeared to be very perplexed, they contacted the Animal Welfare League of Arlington for assistance.

“Last night, a neighbor heard a little cry coming from their garden and discovered this newborn fox, alone and sobbing for his mother,” the Animal Welfare Society stated on FB. “They immediately contacted us!”

Sgt. Ballena and Officer Elpers arrived on the scene shortly afterwards. After scrutinizing the infant fox, the two were relieved to discover he was in fine health. “Fortunately, he was awake, hydrated, and stuffed,” they subsequently posted on FB.

Because the chances of a baby fox surviving without its mother are so poor, the two rescuers decided they needed to find a way to reconnect them. They were fairly certain the mother fox was nearby, and thus devised the ideal approach! They placed the infant in a basket in a position where the mother could readily reach him, and then left the basket in the same location where the infant was discovered. In the interim, the homeowner kept a close check on it!

Everyone was overjoyed the following morning to see that the couple had been reunited! If not for the rescuers’ quick thinking, this joyful ending might not have been conceivable. Their bravery is laudable!