Tiny Dog Runs Up To Cop And Starts Barking Loudly, ‘Begs’ The Cop To Follow Him

A small puppy was whimpering and tugging on an officer’s clothing while directing him in a particular direction. Officer Christopher Bisceglia sensed that something was amiss and took action as a result of the dog’s persistent barking.

Image/Story Source Credit: CBS Boston – via YouTube Video

The police observed that something dreadful had occurred, so he began to pursue the dog. After traversing a huge empty field, the dog halted at an ice-covered, marshy embankment and begged the officer to look down the slope. The officer was shocked to find yet another Scottish terrier snowed up and stuck.

Image/Story Source Credit: CBS Boston – via YouTube Video

The police contacted the fire department for assistance in rescuing the dog. It found out that the two dogs, Jacques and Annabelle, were siblings who had escaped their home when their elderly owner was brought to the hospital for an emergency. Shortly thereafter, though, Annabelle fell down the embankment, prompting Jacques to fear.

Image/Story Source Credit: CBS Boston – via YouTube Video

Annabelle sustained a few wounds, but she is in good health. Animal control will care for the two dogs until their owner returns from the hospital. According to the animal control officer, Annabelle would not have survived the freezing night without her caring doggy brother’s quick offer to obtain aid. Officer Bisceglia and Jacques are both heroes.

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