Tiny Hummingbird Flies Into Woman’s Workshop Asking For Help

He took to the air and landed right next to me.

As artist Chloe Barcelou settled in for another day of work in her New England studio, she was astonished to discover she wasn’t alone.

She turned to see a tiny green hummingbird, about the size of her palm, who seemed distressed.

Barcelou told The Dodo, “I suppose he came to seek me for help.” He took to the air and landed close to me.


Hummingbirds were frequently seen darting through the gardens of the neighborhood, but Barcelou had never seen one up close. She was astounded by his beauty. What made this small guy alone, though? And so near a person? Barcelou immediately realized he must be in need.

When I first saw him in our class, I was taken aback, but I also felt a little frightened for him since I could tell right away that he was stuck, Barcelou said. In the back of my mind, I was also thrilled to be getting such a close experience with a hummingbird. It appeared to be a small fairy!


Quickly preparing a sugar-water combination, Barcelou and her boyfriend spoon-fed the bird some of it. The hummingbird sipped contentedly. He opened his eyes after around two minutes. Barcelou observed the energy returning to his body.


Here is a video of Barcelou assisting the bird:

The bird eventually took flight after drinking all he needed to. Barcelou was glad to see her little companion back where he belonged—in the sky.

The bird appeared to be thanking Barcelou for assisting him the day before as it hovered blissfully around her house the next day.

Because it appeared to be the same bird with a message, Barcelou stated, “That’s just my personal intuition.” “It only felt right that it would have responded with a thank you,” the author stated.