Tiny lion cub practised his roar for tourists—try not to smile when you hear the sound he makes

In the animal kingdom, lions are unquestionably one of the most fearsome and strong creatures. Other creatures in the wild and even in the zoo must be terrified of them, too. And one of the primary reasons lions are so frightening has to be their sounds.

Nothing beats the roar of a lion, isn’t there? Even if the lion’s roar is heard via a glass partition, your heart will pound. However, a lion’s roar does not come naturally to them.

Even if they have to work for it, they have the innate ability to succeed in this field. While watching the video below, a young lion cub tries to roar. The sound it produces makes me want to take it up and cuddle it instead of running a mile screaming.

The Little Lion Cub is already channeling his inner Lion King by attempting a terrifying roar in the video. But he’s only a few months old, and he’s not quite sure what to do about it yet. He’s still a long way from perfecting his roar, but he’ll get there eventually. While we wait, we can bask in his adorableness.

You can’t help but wonder how this tiny bundle of fluff could grow into a ferocious lion, correct?

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