Tiny Stray Dog Begs A Stranger For Food And Gets A New Life Instead

The deck was stacked against Stuart Little. When his former owners abandoned him outside when they moved away, he was a little pup who weighed less than five pounds.

After that, he wandered the streets of Los Angeles for three months in search of his humans.


Stuart wasn’t able to get much rest because he was in survival mode. He remained vigilant at night and spent the most of the day searching for food, frequently approaching people and beseeching them for assistance.

One day, Stuart found himself approaching a neighborhood policeman while on the lookout for food. In an effort to at least receive some food, he raised his head toward the tall human like he had grown accustomed to doing over the previous few months. He had no idea how drastically his life was going to alter.


The moment the policeman turned to face Stuart Little, he understood that the dog required assistance. He called Logan’s Legacy Rescue’s founder, Suzette Hall, and inquired about the availability of one additional dog. Hall jumped into her car and sped out to Stuart’s place.

By the time Hall picked him up, Stuart was fatigued but ecstatic to be in safe hands.

The Dodo quoted Hall as saying, “When I got him in the car, he basically climbed over the center console and crawled into my lap.” “He slept all night long like that.”


The following morning, Hall took Stuart to the veterinarian. The little pup had no significant ailments that required medical attention, other than being underweight and covered in fleas. Stuart Little was therefore prepared to enter a caring foster family after taking a complete wash and making a brand-new meal plan.

Currently in foster care and available for adoption is Stuart Little. Stuart is enjoying this stage of his life even if he is still waiting for his happy ending.

He is the happiest boy ever, according to his foster parents, Hall added.


Stuart lives in a foster home with a puppy sibling who he adores. He adores his foster mother and all of their enjoyable activities, but he adores his new sanctuary the most.

He adores his little crate, according to Hall. He enters it every night and simply drifts off to sleep while feeling satisfied.