Toddler with birth defect melts hearts after showing his dog he can walk

A video of a tiny child taking his first steps with his pet dog went viral, garnering millions of views. It was truly heartwarming to watch.

An Overland Park, Kansas boy named Roman Dinkel was born with the birth abnormality known as spina bifida, which prevented him from walking at the tender age of two. It took a year of therapy, but the tiny fighter triumphed against all obstacles and took his first steps on his own. And since it was the happiest time of his life, he decided to share it with his best friend, Maggie!

“Maggie, take a look!” Maggie, I’m going for a walk! Overwhelmed by excitement, the lovely youngster said.

Roman Dinkel’s father, Adam Dinkel, told “Good Morning America” that doctors told him and his wife before Roman was born that he would not be able to walk. “We were terrified and unsure of what was going on.” And fear is the big kicker, because you want the best for your children.

Roman has always been a warrior and an optimist. Roman is adorable because he always has a big grin on his face. Whitney Dinkel, the boy’s mother, stated, “He’s everybody’s best friend.” “He could make even the grumpiest person smile.”

More than 26 million people have seen the video since it was first posted on FB, and many of them were moved to tears by it. Maggie must be overjoyed, because Roman is certainly deserving of it!

Roman’s mother reported that she had received a flurry of communications from people who wanted to express their support or express how affected they were by the video! In the form of anonymous people giving us their experiences, you know, how they were depressed… When I think about how they were going through these medical issues and seeing that he had an effect on them in a positive way to change their thinking and change their perspective, it’s just so touching, ” the toddler’s mother said.

Roman’s family has a FB page on which they post regular updates on his progress in recovery. And things are only going to get better and better from here on out. In addition to walking around the yard, he also crossed the street and down the road, then turned around and came back the entire way. “It was quite a spectacle,” Witney added.