Touching moment a man holds the hand of a koala as he helps her drink from a water bottle in scorching summer heat

Heat can be a delicate issue for anyone, but for wild animals, it can be a worst nightmare because it is so much easier to deal with for us. Because of the high temperatures, the unfortunate animals are helpless in the face of faith. Thankfully, there are instances when people come to the rescue and lend a helping hand to the creatures in distress!

FB/ Michele Wall

As a result, we can only imagine how difficult it was for the Australian creatures when the temperature reached 116 degrees Celsius. For the koalas, it’s a weight they can’t bear, even though some are better equipped to withstand these high temperatures.

Fortunately, locals were on hand to provide relief to thirsty animals when Australia was hit by excessive heat.

FB/ Michele Wall

When an Adelaide couple came upon a parched koala, they managed to capture a beautiful scene on camera. To save the marsupial, the man rushed to give her some water.

However, while the husband was tending to the baby koala, his wife took a video with her cellphone, which captured an incredibly endearing moment.

FB/ Michele Wall

Afterward, the animal gave them the most adorable “thank you” ever. Joey clasped the man’s hand in a modest but sweet gesture, expressing her gratitude for his life-saving actions. As a result, the man’s wife posted the video online, and it quickly became a smash hit.

“On a record-breakingly hot day in South Australia, a koala reached out and held my husband’s hand,” as the video’s caption explains. “When I see my own Koala Rescuer, I melt with joy.”

Check out this lovely video of the scene!