Touching moment when elephants reunited after 12 years apart

After 12 years apart, an old elephant reunites her daughter and granddaughter in a heartwarming scene. The touching scene took place at Zoo Halle in Germany, and it perfectly captures the friendly nature of elephants. Pori, a 39-year-old elephant, and Tana, her 19-year-old daughter, were reunited by the overwhelming reunion. Since then, the two haven’t seen each other. However, as this moment shows, the love they have for each other is still intact.

Image credits Zoo Halle

The senior elephant’s excitement was heightened by the fact that she was finally able to meet her two grandkids, Tamika, 4, and Elani, 1. After Pori and Tana touched their trunks, the daughter rushed to show her two children to her mother. However, the way they greet each other gives the impression that they’ve known each other for a long time.

Image credits Zoo Halle

At the Magdeburg Zoo, Pori, a born-and-bred Zimbabwean, first arrived in 1983. She remained here until 1997, when a breeding program relocated her to the Tierpark Berlin. Tana, her first calf, was born in 2001.

Image credits Zoo Halle

Elephants, in contrast to the bulk of wild animals, are highly social creatures. The herd is governed by a matriarch, a powerful female who serves as the herd’s primary decision maker. She has a significant impact on the lives of those she cares for. Bulls are frequently expelled from a herd within the first few years of its existence, but the females remain together throughout their lives and form a unique bond in the wilderness.

Halle Zoo director Dennis Muller called Pori’s arrival “an essential stride in modern elephant husbandry” in a statement. According to this study, a natural family structure should be used to care for all future European elephant herds. “Today we have made significant progress in achieving this objective.”

H/T: Zoo Halle
Featured image credits Zoo Halle