True story! Little puppy becomes a guide for a blind dog!

Dogs are extremely beneficial to humans. They serve a variety of functions in our society: they provide emotional support, provide guidance, and assist in the detection of threats. There are, without a doubt, no alternatives to what they give for us. We can’t replace them with anything else. The best we can do is make the best of it and love them from the bottom of our hearts.

Dogs, on the other hand, don’t seem to notice much of a distinction between species, and they’re just as good natured and helpful to other animals as they are to humans. Tao, a 12-year-old golden retriever who had his eyes surgically removed due to glaucoma, and Oko, his faithful companion, are living proof.

True story! Little puppy becomes a guide for a blind dog!

Tao’s owner, Melanie Jackson, described the events. “Tao has been diagnosed with glaucoma,” she said. “This is an eye ailment in which the eye’s contents cannot drain properly.” “It advanced quickly and suddenly.”

One morning, Tao looked healthy and fine, but just before bedtime, he began shaking his head (which dogs do when they are in pain), and a few hours later, he went blind in one eye. In January, he had to have his other eye removed, too.

It is not easy to look at someone who has lost his sight and know that there is nothing more to learn from him. But this is what I have learned from Tao. He was diagnosed with glaucoma and eventually lost both eyes. Despite his eyesight, he swiftly recovered and was once again joyful.

However, Tao rapidly recovered. Three days later, he was walking up the stairs unassisted and was able to walk without a leash. The dog appeared to be in good spirits.

I was surprised to find that Tao, my blind golden retriever, wasn’t sad at all. He didn’t seem to miss anything about his life and actually seemed quite happy. He had no idea what was happening around him. The world was still exactly as it had been before he became blind. He was the same dog he had always been, except that now he could no longer see. And it was time for him to make the best of this situation.

But there was something missing. He wanted someone to play with and keep him company now that he’d lost his vision.

There was something missing? What? What could possibly be missing?

“Tao’s health is presently excellent. He’s not in any pain, and despite his age of nearly twelve, he behaves like a much younger dog! Apart from climbing on hay bales and jumping over fences, he still does everything he used to do—we walk roughly 8 miles a day and he still trains most days,” Melanie told Bored Panda.

The owner decided to get a dog who could be his playmate.

Oko, who was only 8 weeks old at the time, connected with Tao and became his guide.

A golden retriever named Oko is at the party. Melanie got him when he was just 8 weeks old, but the dog pair linked right away and have been inseparable ever since. Oko is becoming a guiding dog for another dog. When they are out walking, Oko and Tao follow each other, and they also sleep together. The owner is trying to keep Oko out of trouble by teaching the other person to follow him.

“Oko is being schooled by me; otherwise, as a typical inquisitive puppy, he would lead Tao into mischief.” Tao is being taught to follow Oko’s scent, and Oko is being taught to listen to and obey my directions to stop, wait, go right, go left.’”

They are always together in each other’s company. They are walking and sleeping together.

The owner is teaching Tao how to follow Oko.

Oko is about 17 weeks old and appears to be adjusting well to his new job. Mel is the owner and has increased awareness of canine glaucoma. She collaborated with The Kennel Club to determine the risk of other dogs with the same genetic make-up as Tao. It can be avoided if caught before it gets out of hand. The internet has been enamored with this newly-forming couple since the news broke, and they now have over 30k followers to show for it. If you want to show your support for the team, make sure to follow them on the social networking sites listed above.

She’s also raising awareness about canine glaucoma.

“Tao is a 100 percent mommy’s boy. He is always close by and is like my little shadow,” said the owner of both dogs. He enjoys pleasing people, and his favorite activity is scent work—he still sniffs out balls in the hedges and fields, and he enjoys discovering his toys when I hide them in the garden of the house.

Due to his sight loss and the training I needed to do with Tao, we had to focus on him until the time was right, even though we had always planned to have another pup. AfterTao lost his brother Otis to cancer three years ago, we had always planned to have another pup, but due to his sight loss and the training I needed to do with Tao, we had to focus on him.

Everyone we meet adores the dog named Tao. He is well-known in the community and people often ask if they can take a picture with him.

With over 30k followers on social media, the canine duo is expanding.

Laughing hysterically at each other’s jokes

“You crack me up, mate,”

That’s all, guys!