Tumbling Jack Russell terrier fails dog show – becomes internet sensation instead

Some people believe that you don’t need a medal to be a champion, but nobody knows this better than this Jack Russell terrier that was rescued from an animal shelter. Meet Olly, the adorable puppy who grabbed the hearts of people all around the world when he failed miserably at a dog show.


Olly, a Jack Russell terrier from Hertfordshire, UK, and his handler, Karen, intended to compete in Crufts, one of the world’s largest dog shows, but things didn’t go as planned for the lively canine. Olly was the exact reverse of the high-demanding event’s expected participants in that he removed the hurdles one by one, much to the amusement of the crowd. Even though Karen had barely tried to lead the dog, all of her efforts were in vain because Olly’s purpose appeared to be to fail the obstacles rather than walk through them.


You might have realized that the amusing pooch was driven by passion when he began his performance in such an energizing manner that there was no going back. And he maintained this posture throughout the show. However, we have to concede that he had considerable speed and stamina, but unfortunately, he was awkward when it came to shooting accurately.


Olly’s humorous routine eventually earned him a celebrity status. He may have bombed the show spectacularly, but he became an internet star in the process. Olly’s show brought everyone to their feet, including the announcer, who summed up his performance brilliantly. “What a nose dive!” exclaimed the announcer. “Olly is really insane; as you can see, he is having a great time.” Enjoy life and physical activity. “

You can watch Ollie’s epic show here.