Two a.ban.doned dogs fell in love after taking care of each other for weeks

Sometimes animals are so good at loving them that make us humans doubt ourselves. The two a.ban.doned dogs in this story are a fascinating example. In fact, their lifeguards were so moved by their relationship that they decided to name the lovely couple Monica and Chandler.

The small dogs had been roaming the streets of East Los Angeles together for weeks before the Hart Rescue Team was notified of their case. Both are very cautious and didn’t let any strangers get near them, making it impossible for the locals to help these sweet baby mice out.


Rescue From The Hart founder Annie Hart and her co-workers hit the road immediately after hearing about the dog duo. At first, Annie thought it would be a piece of cake to save them both since they accepted her food rather quickly.

However, as she tries to lure them closer to her, Annie realizes Monica is always on high alert, and her opinions significantly impact little Chandler. She seems pretty worried that Annie will harm her friend.

Since the rescue team failed to earn their trust, they had to set up traps to capture these children instead. They agree to target Monica first because she’s obviously the scarier one. It took a while, but thankfully it worked.

To their surprise, Monica was calm and chilled when they caught sight of her – perhaps she was just worried about Chandler and not herself. After Monica was arrested, Chandler went directly to the rescue team. He just doesn’t want to be left behind.