Two puppies found warmth and comfort in a friendship that saves their lives

Two puppies found warmth and comfort in a friendship that saves their lives.

Jeremiah and Neal arrive at a high-murder shelter in Texas while lost. They were welcomed privately, and both are alone in the world.

Realizing that his mate was about to lie down, Jeremiah, the small black dog, also found an ideal place to cuddle.

He stretched out beside Neal, nuzzling his face against the dog’s neck. Jeremiah crawled to Neal and lay on top of him.

Both have recently been placed in a lethal shelter in Texas by animal control, and given their ailments; their futures are almost certain: be poisoned because the public shelters do not have the resources to treat them.

Seeing two puppies in such distress, the shelter contacted Stacey Silverstein, the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC founder. When she saw them, she couldn’t say “no.” “Jeremiah buscava conforto, e Neal estava aceitando isso”, disse Stacey. “Eles sabiam que estavam em perigo.” “Jeremiah sought solace, and Neal accepted that,” said Stacey Silverstein, founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. “They knew they were in danger.”

If Silverstein hadn’t interfered, the puppies’ fate was most likely over. It is sad that high-murder shelters that many sick or injured dogs, pregnant or completely healthy, will die.

Silverstein also rescued another dog (Jagger) from the same barn. All three dogs have scabies, and Jeremiah has an eye ulcer that leads to blindness.

Although there is still a long way to go, especially for little Jeremiah, the greatest comfort is having a friend by your side. “They are wonderful little dogs,” said Silverstein.

“They are very nervous and not feeling well right now, so obviously, they should recover in a few weeks. But they are all puppies – adorable and kind. Hopefully, they will recover quickly. So they can go to New York to be adopted into perfect homes. ”