‘Unluckiest’ Dog in Britain Finds Home After Two Years in Shelter

A dog dubbed ”the unluckiest in Britain” who was looking for a family for two years after being found beside his dead owner has found a new home.

Dillon the nine-year-old lurcher dog lived at National Animal Welfare Trust’s home in Cornwall. After multiple failed attempts to adopt him, Dillon was given a second chance by being placed into temporary foster care.

Two years ago, Dillion ended up in the shelter’s care after he was found keeping watch over his elderly owner’s body after his death at home.

On December 17th, his luck changed and he was able to spend Christmas with his family. He left the animal rescue for the final time and went to live with his new family.

“The whole team shed tears of happiness,” a spokesperson from the Cornwall rescue said of Dillion’s departure.

“After a national (and international!) campaign to find this boy his forever home and another failed attempt along the way, we had an application for Dillon which ticked all his boxes,” the spokesperson added. “After arranging a meet, it was love at first sight for Dillon’s new owners and most importantly, for Dillon, who felt right at home.”

Dillion’s pet owners said that the dog “found his spot on their sofa,” and “made himself right at home.”

“A perfect happy ending in time for Christmas,” they added.