UPS Driver Hears Loud Thump And Sees A Loose Dog With A Note Tied Around His Neck

UPS drivers deliver millions of packages every day, and they often come across dogs who are delighted to see them on their rounds. A UPS delivery man and a Golden Retriever had a special relationship. In the same place, a Golden Retriever appeared to be waiting for the man every day as he loaded his UPS truck with the day’s mail.

Source: CreepyWorld/YouTube

Driver thought the dog might belong to a local or be lost at first glance. On his daily walk, the same lovely puppy appeared in the same place every time. Because the dog appeared every day, the man decided to buy some dog treats and have them on hand for the canine visitor. The dog loved the yummy goodies, and the UPS man would always include a belly rub or an ear scratch with the package.

One day, despite their unlikely friendship, the driver forgot to bring treats for his favorite Golden Retriever. On that particular day, the resolute dog decided to take matters into his own hands and do what needed to be done. This sneaky pooch hopped into the UPS truck while its owner was walking home to deliver packages.

Source: CreepyWorld/YouTube

He was about to finish his shift when he heard a tremendous thump coming from the area around his truck, and he immediately realized something was wrong. He had no idea that his Golden Retriever buddy had sneaked into the back of the truck! He found the puppy while unloading the truck at the end of the day. However, despite his disbelief, the driver decided to take him back to the spot where he had initially seen the pug. It took the dog a few steps back to get back to the house where he had initially met the driver.

The following day, when a photo of the Golden Retriever went viral, everything became crystal clear. His owner hung a note around his neck that read, “Because the UPS man forgot to throw me a cookie, I snuck into his truck and rode around the neighborhood.” He was obligated to return me to my residence.

Source: CreepyWorld/YouTube

The UPS man and the dog’s owner had a nice laugh over it. It was described to him how the Golden Retriever’s daily wait for the UPS truck became a part of his daily ritual from the window. We get the warm fuzzies thinking about how a dog and a delivery man formed a lovely friendship.

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