UPS driver in Iowa rescues dogs from drowning in backyard pool

IRETON, Iowa (KMEG/CNN) – A UPS guy in Iowa is credited with rescuing two of his customers’ dogs from drowning. Dogs and delivery men don’t always get along well.

It was a typical day for Colin Mitchell, who delivered a box to Jeff and Rebecca Marra’s residence.

Even though it was hot outdoors, he found it odd to see two dogs swimming in a pool without their owners there as he walked back to his truck.

Upon knocking on the door, he discovered that they were unattended and their owners were elsewhere.

Mitchell stated, “After taking a step back and knocking louder and ringing the doorbell, but receiving no response, I figured it might be prudent to investigate slightly.” “As I neared the pool, I could see a dog hanging from the side and swimming about on the solar cover, which was essentially a wet blanket.”

The gate to the pool is normally locked, but on that particular day, the dogs jumped over it.

Then, Colin went to the pool and removed his socks and shoes in an attempt to save them.

He exerted effort to release Groot, the smaller dog, while Remington, who weights 90 pounds, required a bit more effort.

Mitchell stated, “I could get on my knees and simply pull it out.” “He used slightly greater force in the area where I got my legs in the pool. The first time I was on my knees, I couldn’t bring him out, and he swam back to his corner, so we had to try again… I had to ensure that I could bring him out a second time…I didn’t want them to swim back and forth numerous times.”

Mitchell, himself a dog owner, heaved a sigh of relief and resumed his daily route once both dogs had returned to their yard.

The following day, Mitchell checked on the dogs. The Marras were stunned and appreciative.

Jeff Marra stated, “Without him, we would not have dogs, there is no doubt about it.”

The Marras claim that both of their pets were rescued. Thanks to UPS driver Colin Mitchell, they were rescued once more.

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