Watch this adorable kitten step out to brave the world

What’s cuter than this?

One day, staff at UC Riverside Botanic Gardens discovered a lovely new arrival at the stunning 40-acre facility in Southern California.

It’s a wild lynx kitten – bravely leaving her mother to explore the world around him.

The gardens, nestled next to the wildlife corridor, are no stranger to wildlife visitors who drop by to enjoy the peaceful surroundings. But rarely do they give a vivid glimpse of their cuteness as this guy did.

After noticing a staff, the curious kitten had to move in for a closer look.

Jodie Holt, director of UCR Botanic Gardens, said: “We see adult bobcats regularly and occasionally see kittens in the spring. “Staff and visitors are always surprised and delighted to spot a lynx.”

Here is a video of the little lynx in action:

Usually, the lynxes that visit the gardens keep their distance from people. But in this case, the mother cat may have been distracted with her other cubs, allowing her to explore a little further. However, his solo exploration did not last long.

However, that glimpse of the kitten serves as a delightful reminder of the wild beauty in the world that we often can’t see.

Holt said: ‘These were unusually similar, but the mother transferred them to unspecified parts soon after.

“It is a special privilege to manage a public botanical garden and nature reserve in such a large urban area as SoCal, and at the same time offer visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in our small nature.”