Watch This Scared Stray Who’d Never Been Inside Before Become A Total House Dog

Where could Dilly go? The black and white dog, terrified of people and walking by herself in Houston, Texas, hurriedly swerved in and out of traffic. She always made herself known, yet she was frequently averse about approaching too closely.

Dilly required some time to feel at ease among others. Kristin Erwin, a dog rescuer, was fortunate to have endless time.

Erwin told The Dodo, “I instantly recognized this was an extremely frightened dog.” “She booked it and took off as soon as you expressed interest in her. There was no way to distract her or stop her.


Erwin waited patiently for Dilly to feel confident enough to approach one of his traps. Erwin brought Dilly inside once she was secure and started the painstaking process of acclimating the fearful dog to life in a house.

You can watch a film about Dilly’s adventure that Erwin made here:

Erwin declared, “I gave Dilly her very own room.” “I left her alone for the first couple of days, but after that I started spending a few minutes there throughout the day, either hand feeding her or simply chatting to her quietly. Her underbite and tiny lips were so adorable. When I first saw her wag her tail, I believe it was on day 10.


After being in Erwin’s care for a month, Dilly eventually worked up the courage to leave her room by herself. Dilly rapidly grew accustomed to all the amenities the mansion had to offer after she understood she had nothing to be scared of.

Erwin remarked, “She eventually wandered down the hallway on her own and saw what the living room was all about. “The rest was history once she discovered the couch. I recall that we even made her feeding bowl look like a princess by placing it on the couch.


Erwin became close to the eccentric dog and was so impressed by her courage and endurance.

When a dog goes from being scared and shut down to becoming calm and “enjoying life again,” it’s especially rewarding for me. Erwin remarked. She was a completely different dog once she let down her guard.


Dilly had gained confidence at last, but she now required a stable household. Unbeknownst to Dilly or Erwin, someone had been stalking Erwin’s Instagram updates and developing a slow romantic interest in the once-nervous dog. Even though she hadn’t seen Dilly in person, Erwin’s old high school acquaintance made her feel instantly attracted to her.

Erwin remarked, “I was so happy that Dilly might be rehomed to someone close.


Dilly made the adjustment to her permanent residence gradually. Dilly is now safe and comfortable with her new family, doing everything she loves.

Erwin said that Daisy got along well with her family. She made fast friends with their pets and the mother’s small boy. She sleeps in their bed while they go out for puppuccinos at Starbucks and take walks around the neighborhood. Now she has everything. Most significantly, despite the fact that she is still a little weird, she has a family who loves her without conditions.