Watch this video of two circus bears tasting freedom for the first time in 17 years

I’m against circuses because I’m an animal lover. However, thousands of wild creatures continue to be imprisoned in appalling conditions in minuscule cages distant from the places where they belong.

Fortunately, after many years of misery, some of these miserable animals are now being given a second chance at life in the wild. Another example is Gaika and Masha, two bears who worked in a Russian circus for nearly 17 years.

All these years, these magnificent creatures have been confined to a truck. However, upon the death of the circus’s owner, the Wild Animal Sanctuary stepped in to save the animals. Currently, they are living a life of contentment and freedom. What’s truly amazing, though, is the first taste of freedom they get!

See Gaika and Masha for the first time after they were rescued in the short movie below! They frolic, leap, and squeal with glee. It’s a truly heartfelt video!