Wedding Interrupted by a Beluga Whale and is the Greatest Photobomb in Ages

Although photobombing is universal among humans, it appears to be so among other animals as well.

Unexpectedly, on this fatal day of a wedding, a curious beluga whale stole the spotlight from the bride.

While the bride and groom were exchanging their vows, a cute and inquisitive beluga whale swam over to the ceremony. The inquisitive whale appeared just as the minister addressed the dreaded question, “If anyone knows a reason why this couple shouldn’t be married, please speak now.”

The internet thought this raid to be so entertaining, and in classic Photoshop manner, humorous and charming mashups were created. Here are a few of our favorites:

This is a Beluga bride

credit: Reddit

Here’s the Beluga best man


A Beluga minister?


When Beluga children make their parents proud


Ariel and her friends just went to a wedding


Beluga in love with the bride


Nooooo, this can’t be happening…