What will cause a Cat Attack?

Everyone has ever experienced a cat bite or at least a cat scratch in life. One day, I came to a client’s house and left my handbag on a small table near her beloved cat. The cat suddenly growled and dug his claws in the back of my hand. To a certain extent, I believe that the cat thought my action was considered an attack.

In some situations, cat attacks can be easy to understand. For instance, some cases can occur when we make the cat threaten (as in my case mentioned above) or take something away from the cat-like.

Cat behaviors have still been mysterious. Cats sometimes growl or hiss to inform that they are agitated before having an actual attack. Notably, a cat’s body language is considered the main communication tool; however, we human beings either ignore or fail to understand those signals. Looking back at my story above, instead of focusing on my client, if I had paid more attention to that cat’s behaviors when putting my handbag down. I would recognize a series of cat’s signals warning to keep my distance. 

Cats are known as sensitive creatures with various emotions which are concealed relatively well. And we should remember that cats are perfect hunters, especially indoor cats. I learned a Maine Coon once who thought moving feet were the best prey ever. Other cat attacks due to discomfort or fear—you could name this act as “self-protective aggression.” Other cat attacks are not-so-ideal attempts to take part in a play. Therefore, what should a human being do?

How to understand the cat’s signals

Firstly, we have to learn the cat’s body language. Many people living with cats can do this unconsciously. Yet, it can be helpful to concentrate deliberately on what we are looking at. A relaxed cat tends to show almond-shaped pupils as well as tilt gently, ears forward. The back of the cat will be less or more level. The tail is straight up in a greeting posture, occasionally with a slight upside-down “U” at the tip. Also, the tail can sway side to side a little. The muscles seem relaxed. The feet and tail will be comfortable rather than held tightly against the body when lying down. The face is also relaxed, especially in many cases. The mouth of the cat will be closed softly.

However, a stressed cat will show larger round pupils and ears tilting to the sides or being pinned back as well as an arched back–in serious cases, in the “Halloween cat” pose. The feet and tail might be kept quite tight close to the body or even tucked under the belly. The cat can hiss or growl. Stressed cats typically crouch with their muscles tense. As in my case above, after getting scratched, I knew that cat showed most of the stress signs. 

Strategies to Avoid a Cat Attack

When your beloved cat is having signs of stress, the best approach to prevent a scratch or bite is to offer the cat space. It is straightforward; just leave the cat alone. For example, I should put my handbag somewhere else, far away from the cat in my situation.

Cats attack you because your actions cause a predatory reaction; experiment to know which types of activities result from cat attacks. Try your own best not to act such a way around your lovely cat, and then allow him to play with a toy as the Cat Dancer Cat Charmer Toy. These toys will create opportunities for him to chase as well as pounce on rather than your body. Such toys will become excellent for the cat-like that foot-hunting Maine Coon.

Additionally, one effective option is using the Petlinks Mystery Motion Cat Toy. This toy will provide the cat a play outlet in case you interact little with him. If the predatory exercise is enough, your cat will attack you less. You will not become the target of cats if they are satisfied with appropriate games that urge them to chase and pounce.

Several cats have never been studied to play with human beings. Therefore, they tend to tussle with such humans similarly as they act with other cats. Sometimes, these tussles make us uncomfortable because of cats’ claws and teeth. The toys mentioned above will become great instruments for such cats.

I also highly suggest that all of my beloved customers avoid rough actions like pushing their beloved cats around with their own hands or legs. These will educate the cat on how to grab people’s arms or feet. Using a toy will help us play with the cat safely without being scratched or bitten. 

In most cases, when they attack human beings, not because cats are not aggressive, simply because they feel scared. As a result, understanding cats’ body language and providing your cat with suitable methods to utilize predatory energy will help you avoid cat attacks.