Wiener mom proudly poses with her baby in the adorable photo, which is the best thing you’ll ever see

If you have children, you will know how important it is to capture all the special moments you share with them. We need these memories to look back and reminisce about all the fun and memorable moments we had with our children as we watched them grow and learn.

Belinda Sol is a photographer who helps new mothers celebrate the joys of having children. So when her client, Monica Sanchez, called her to request a photo session, she thought it would be like her usual photoshoots. But when she called Mona’s call back, it turned out she had other plans in mind. The photoshoot is not for herself but for Mia, her pregnant Dachshund!

  Mia was a month and a half pregnant at the time, and Monica wanted her little lover to be professionally photographed in the final stage of the “state of sophistication.”

“I don’t have dogs or puppies, and I want my son to see that,” Monica said. “I’m really crazy about capturing moments.”

Photographing a pregnant dog is a first for Belinda, but she loves the idea and even makes the little sausage dog her pregnancy-specific skirt – the skirt fluttering towards the side. Behind her like a windy bride train.

On the day of the shoot, of course, the mother was looking forward to accompanying her proud husband and upcoming father!

Little Mia gave birth to six puppies a few weeks later, and when Belinda returned to take another photoshoot, she captured some adorable moments in her new family’s life.

In typical infant fashion, pictures show puppies nesting together with eyes closed as their proud mother watches up close.

When Monica posts the results of the photoshoots online, Belinda expects them to attract the attention of a few hundred people. But the actual response was completely unexpected.

“Over 100,000 viewed her photos overnight,” she said. “I’ve had more questions about doggy sessions and will definitely do more in the future.”

Just look how cute and adorable they are, all wrapped up under that translucent white blanket! And the woolen hats look pretty as a button on a baby mouse of both sexes!

While human babies may still be the most likely subject during births, this super cute project shows that species have no barrier to sweetness.