Wild Baboons Drop By Guy’s House To Party In His Pool

“It was like watching real kids play,” one person said.

This week, Garth Bradley was working at his desk in his South African home when he noticed something outside the window.

There, a pair of wild baboons that had come down from the nearby hillsides were traversing his property with what appeared to be only one thought in their minds: fun.


The unexpected guests made full use of Bradley’s pool, splashing around and leaping about while he watched in wonder (and perhaps with a hint of envy since he had business to attend to).

The baboons were certainly party animals.

Bradley told The Dodo that it was great to see them enjoying a good time. Kind of like watching real children playing by the pool.”

Bradley is familiar with these baboons because they are a part of a troop that occasionally visits his property to forage in his natural garden. However, during this most recent visit, the impulse to go swimming was evidently too alluring to resist.

They’ve never swum in the pool before, Bradley noted.


Bradley wasn’t at all bothered to see those jovial locals having a good time with the amenities for free, even though his picturesque rental property is typically only available to paying guests.

Bradley remarked, “We choose this place because of its natural beauty. “They haven’t moved into our space; we have taken over theirs. The topic is tolerance. We would be foolish if we didn’t anticipate wild visitors.”