Woman Arrives Home And Finds A Stranger Sleeping On Her Couch

She didn’t anticipate that.

In Hagen, Germany, a woman returned home earlier this week and found something wasn’t right. Her belongings appeared to have been ransacked and were left all over the place.

Indeed, her home had turned into a pigsty.



It turns out that a wild boar managed to enter the woman’s home while she was abroad and settled in comfortably. The snouted visitor poked around the room, probably looking for a snack, and then plopped down on the couch to take a sleep.

She was, to put it mildly, startled to see her dirty new roommate.

Hagen Police reported the incident as “very unbelievable” and stated that the woman “immediately closed the door and phoned the police.”

The boar’s comfortable stay wouldn’t be prolonged.


Fortunately, the cops were able to lure the wild boar, which weighed around 130 pounds, back outside when they arrived.

Police reported that “[he] found his way unhurt over a fence, back into nature.”


The boar then quickly returned to his rightful place, albeit rested than before.