Woman Comes Face To Face With Someone Huge While Hiking Alone

I swear I believed I would be served breakfast.

After a stunning sunrise hike in Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile, Tara Bray couldn’t help but feel that someone else was on the trail as she descended the mountain.

When the lone hiker turned to look, a big puma was standing before her and staring directly at her.

Bray posted on Instagram, “I swear I thought I was going to be breakfast.”


The large cat gave his trail mate a fleeting glance before carrying on with his morning stroll, indifferent. Bray was so happy.

According to Bray, “I was obviously worried and was hoping that it wouldn’t come closer.” “I’m relieved that it simply kept going!”

Here is a video of the startling event that Bray captured:

Bray is an experienced outdoor enthusiast who has hiked through incredible wildlife, but she had never seen a puma before.

I go hiking a lot, but I’ve never come across an animal that huge or near! Says Bray.

Pumas are undoubtedly impressive creatures; according to Live Science, an adult male may reach a length of 8 feet. Even though there are more pumas in Patagonia than anywhere else on the planet, the large cats are nevertheless difficult to spot because they stay away from people.


Bray is grateful to have seen such a majestic, powerful wild animal in his native habitat, but she hopes it won’t ever happen again, even though the memory still gives her the willies.

Bray admitted, “I was just more shocked and horrified at the time. “I can now say that I am humbled and thankful!”