Woman Discovers Gross Reason Why All Her Hair Ties Are Wet

Her cat enjoys playing this game.

Arlo has always enjoyed playing, even as a kitten. He never gets tired of creating new games and is always looking for new stuff or people to play with.

Mom Meaghan James told The Dodo that Arlo is eager to play as soon as he wakes up.


Arlo enjoys playing the game of retrieving his mother’s hair ties. He has been obsessed with playing with hair ties for more than a year. He never chews on them, and his mother watches over him whenever he is in possession of them to make sure he is safe. Most of the time, he simply bats them around, has his mother throw them, and submerses them in water.


Arlo has a strange habit of dipping his hair ties in his cat fountain once he’s through playing with them. Nobody knows why he has this peculiar behavior other than the fact that he genuinely enjoys playing in the water.

Until Arlo opted to use a different fountain, dipping the hair ties in water never created any issues.

Arlo was playing with his hair ties as usual one day when James took a short break. When she went back, she expected to find him dipping a hair tie in the fountain, but he wasn’t. When she went to look for him, she discovered him dipping the hair tie in the toilet.\

@meaghan_james He likes to fish them out #antihero #imtheproblem #cats #FomotionalFinds ♬ Anti Hero – Taylor Swift

James couldn’t help but giggle, but he also wasn’t aware of how long he had been skulking away to flush hair ties. The key house rule right now is to always close the bathroom door and toilet lid out of caution.

James added, “Arlo is no longer allowed to dip them in the toilet.” “I have to fish them back out if he doesn’t! It was hilarious to see, but he is now encouraged to play in his water feature.


As long as his games don’t involve the toilet any longer, it’s cute to watch Arlo play with his hair ties.