Woman Finds Dog By The Side Of The Road Who Won’t Stop Staring Into The Distance

“He was anticipating their return,”

Adriana Figueroa was devastated as she passed a small brown dog by the side of the road while driving through the southern Miami streets on her way home from the gym.

The dog was gazing off into the distance as she got closer, seemingly expecting his former family’s automobile to show up at any second.

Figueroa told The Dodo, “It was like they left him there.” And he was watching for their return.


Unfortunately, Figueroa has seen an abandoned dog in her area before. Where Figueroa lives in southern Miami, it’s typical to see animals left alone. Due to this, Figueroa began participating in rescues two years ago.

Figueroa claimed, “I usually discover abandoned dogs.” “I always have dog food in my car, and I just added a medium crate,” the driver said.

Here is a video Figueroa filmed of the dog’s rescue:

Figueroa calmly guided the small dog into the safety of her automobile for two hours.


The wary canine, subsequently given the name Melo, first shied away from Figueroa’s care and resisted food. But after a little while, as he gained confidence in his new friend, his affectionate side started to come through.

He was incredibly loving, Figueroa remarked. “Was a pet lover.”


Figueroa started looking for Melo’s permanent family after finding his owners and concluding that Melo had been abandoned.

Fortunately, her search was quick. Soon after seeing a picture of the dog, someone in her network contacted her about adoption.

“It was ideal!” said Figueroa.


Melo has settled into his new home and is taking advantage of all the conveniences that come with having a permanent family. Melo can relax knowing that his new family will never abandon him.