Woman Finds Dog Left All Alone In Park With The Saddest Note

“I knew I had to assist him at that point.”

Baloo is a bright young man who enjoys flaunting his abilities. The 1-year-old retriever-boxer mix is very proud of himself after just just learning how to sit and shake, especially because he didn’t have the opportunity to practice before his rescue.

Baloo’s owners had left him in a dog run with a devastating note, but he wasn’t sure what he had done to deserve it. Fortunately, a woman saw Baloo all by himself in the sweltering Arizona sun and intervened on her own.


Foster mother of Baloo Lillian Engelhard told The Dodo, “I was out walking one of my dogs and we passed a community dog run with a dog in it but no owners in sight.” I reasoned that either they may have run out of doggy bags and hurried to get more, or perhaps his owners actually did have an emergency of some kind.

In order to better assess the situation, Engelhard remained in her automobile and watched over Baloo.

As Engelhard continued to observe him, “I observed indicators that he had been out there for a long time.” “It was in the nineties, and he appeared quite warm and dehydrated. He appeared upset and was pacing. I was aware that action was required.


Engelhard was excited to the point of ecstasy as he neared Baloo.

Engelhard stated, “I discovered a note was put in the handle when I attempted to open the gate to the dog run. This dog is not trained! * I had to abandon him, it read. Please help save Venom.

Engelhard’s mood dimmed.


He embraced me with kisses and delight as soon as I went in, she recalled. “I knew I had to assist him at that point.”

Baloo was a complete sweetheart, but Engelhard could see by his high activity level that he needed to work on a few things. When she started training Baloo, the hyperactive puppy quickly underwent a full transformation.

“Suddenly, learning was his passion!” stated Engelhard. Within a few days, he was fully toilet trained, knew when he could and couldn’t jump up onto the couch or bed, did well in his kennel, and more. He could also sit, remain, lie down, sit nice (sitting with both paws in the air), and more. All he required was some time to wait and someone to believe in him.

The touching account of Baloo’s training and rescue may be seen here:

Through Lost Our Home Pet Rescue, Baloo is currently looking for his forever residence. He will thrive in a home that is understanding of his past and will help him improve his manners by being patient and consistent.

If given the chance, the very decent boy will be happy to demonstrate his abilities. He will currently train in preparation for his chosen day.


Engelhard remarked, “He’s come a long way, but he still has work to do. “He needs a devoted person. They will consequently receive one of the best canines ever as compensation.

Engelhard continued, “He’s taught me how hard work can pay off. It’s satisfying to work hard for a few days to teach him something, and then watch him handle everything on his own after that.