Woman Finds Puppy Abandoned In Forest And Knows Just What To Do

The Cleveland National Forest in San Diego is home to a wide variety of wild creatures, from bobcats to bears. So, when a Good Samaritan strolled through the woods and noticed a pair of eyes following her from a distance, she stopped in her tracks.

She initially believed she had sighted a wild animal, but then she took a closer look.

Suzette Hall, a rescuer, told The Dodo, “She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.” It was a canine.


At the end of a small dirt path, the dog was seated alone. She crouched behind the slope of the path, preventing the woman who spotted her from approaching her. However, the woman understood precisely what to do to save the adorable dog.

The woman placed an improvised food station at the top of the slope in an attempt to lure the dog out of hiding.

The dog would ascend the slope to eat, according to Hall. The woman would remove the food after consuming it so that the predators would not pursue her.


The woman then phoned Hall for assistance in arranging the rescue.

That evening, Hall placed a trap near the feeding station in the hopes that the puppy would wander into it after supper. The next day, however, when the two women returned to the jungle, the dog was nowhere to be discovered.

Again, Hall left the trap overnight and returned the next morning to check on the pup.

“Finally, she was in my trap,” Hall said. “And she just kissed me when I got her out.”


Hall brought Trekker, the dog she named, to her local animal shelter.

Staff workers examined Trekker for a microchip and discovered that she had been adopted only four days prior to her initial sighting.

The owners surrendered Trekker to the animal shelter, who then released him to Hall.


Hall swiftly located a foster home for Trekker, where the adorable dog remained until her adoption was finalized.

“She transitioned from an incredible foster home to an incredible permanent home,” said Hall. She is currently living the good life.


According to Hall, Trekker is currently loving her new human life. She enjoys playing, cuddling, and hiking with her forever family.

“Her past is completely gone,” Hall stated. She is an incredible survivor.