Woman Finds Puppy Curled Up On Couch And Realizes She’s Not Alone

I find it incomprehensible that no one in the area came out to observe what was happening.

When Donna Lochmann received a report about a family of pit bulls in need of assistance, she was aware that the rescue effort would be challenging. There were at least three puppies hidden in an overgrown backyard, and their fearful mother was determined to protect them, according to the Good Samaritan who discovered them.

Lochmann, the chief lifesaving officer at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, has plenty of expertise and knew how to approach the rescue carefully. When she arrived, she noticed some puppies sheltering in plain sight, but she was aware that she couldn’t save them initially.


According to Lochmann, who spoke to The Dodo, “I thought, ‘Well, I’m just going to attempt to grab mom first because if she’s barking at me, I don’t know what her reaction is going to be when I start picking up her kids.”

Because Lochmann could tell the mother dog was starving, she opened a can of Vienna sausages and enticed the watchful puppy to her car. The dog, which Lochmann dubbed Donutfest, was confined inside the car in a matter of minutes.


As soon as Donutfest was secure, Lochmann says, “I got to work trying to find the puppies.”

The first puppy Lochmann spotted was alone and snuggled up against a fence. When Lochmann approached her, she didn’t flee, but she did learn how to indicate her displeasure at being picked up.

She “definitely” began screaming, according to Lochmann. I find it unbelievable that no one in the neighborhood came out to investigate.


In the automobile, Lochmann brought the puppy and her mother back together before going in search of the others. Lochmann quickly scanned the yard and saw three puppies—two hidden in the weeds, one curled up on a broken couch.

Since the puppies were already accustomed to their surroundings, they initially made every effort to keep Lochmann at bay. Two of them sprinted farther into the high weeds, evading Lochmann’s grasp.


But like she did with their mother, Lochmann chose to attract them to her rather than pursue them. The scent of a freshly opened can of dog food lured the puppies right into the rescuer’s arms.

There was only one puppy left for Lochmann to save once Donutfest and three of her four offspring were safely inside the vehicle. The last dog, who had been cuddled up on the couch, sprung out and began to flee his savior.

Fortunately, the puppy wasn’t moving too quickly, allowing Lochmann to gently pick him up before he escaped further.

The last three puppies were difficult for Lochmann to obtain. But as soon as I got everyone in the car, I was overjoyed.


The puppies were taken into foster care almost right after after being saved, and they passed their veterinarian exams with flying colors. All four puppies received a deluge of adoption requests as soon as Stray Rescue of St. Louis shared a photo of the group on FB.

According to Lochmann, the majority of them have already found their forever homes. However, Mama is still here.

Donutfest is still looking for a forever home despite the fact that her babies have all received a lot of love and attention online. The formerly depressed canine has transformed into a cheerful pup with a perpetual grin.


According to Lochmann, “She’s totally just a lovely, cheerful, bouncy girl now who loves her caregivers and going for walks.” We wished she could finally be adopted and be in a family.

The staff at Stray Rescue of St. Louis is optimistic that Donutfest will soon be adopted by a devoted family. In the interim, they are making the most of their time with the vivacious young puppy and spoiling her with all the attention and love she has been missing.