Woman Finds Senior Lab Sleeping Outside With A Sweet Note Taped Above Her Bed

Nothing feels better than putting a grin on someone else’s face. Connie, a senior Lab from Brighton, England, enjoys waiting for her neighbors to pass by each day from her front porch.

Everyone beams when they see Connie with her tail wagging, but their smiles become even wider when they see the notices above her.


One day while returning home with her husband, one of Connie’s neighbors, Becky Albon, noticed the adorable dog for the first time laying on her outside bed. When Connie first saw the couple, she immediately brightened.

When Albon got close enough to the sign to read it, she realized why.

Free Cuddles: I’m old & arthritic, but still have loads of love to spare, read one of the signs above Connie’s bed. The other sign read, “I’m very elderly & feeble, but enjoy affection,” and it mirrored a similar attitude. Both placards concluded with the beautiful “Love, Connie” sign-off.


Albon and her husband didn’t need any more persuasion to agree to spend five minutes sitting with Connie before continuing their walk.

Albon told The Dodo that “she was really nice and glad to meet us.” She even allowed us to massage her belly.

The moment the Albons stopped to pat Connie, her tail began to thud back and forth in utter ecstasy. Only the sight of additional passing neighbors increased her excitement.

She was waving her tail at everyone who passed by, according to Albon. She was also quite gentle.

Connie clearly enjoyed every second of their time together, as evidenced by the Albons. Albon also stated that seeing Connie made her day better, as would likely be the same for many other neighbors.

Connie the senior dog can be found inside her family’s house soaking up all the affection from the folks who know her best when she isn’t sitting on her front porch giving free cuddles to her neighbors.

And her neighbors, who adore her more and more every day, eagerly await sunny days so they may spend time with and cuddle their beloved neighborhood dog once more.