Woman flies badly abused dog 2,500 miles then shows her love

We’ve heard of awful animal abuse incidents and are at a loss to understand how someone could do anything so heinous to a helpless creature: dogs with their mouths duct taped shut so tightly and for so long that their skin grew around the tape; cats with gunshot wounds.

One dog abandoned on the streets of war-torn Lebanon was near death. The five-year-old canine was chained to a crate, blind after her eyes were removed, and deaf when one ear was completely removed. To make matters worse, she was pregnant and had no one to care for or love her.

A man walking down the street noticed the distraught dog, and while homeless dogs are common in the country, she was so close to death that he had to intervene.

The visitor took the puppy to the Wild at Heart Foundation, a UK-based rescue group that helps abandoned pets find forever homes. Workers there dubbed the brave girl “Maggie,” and when they examined her, they were astounded by the extent of her injuries.

Maggie was obviously missing an ear, deaf and blind. However, a subsequent examination indicated Maggie had been shot 17 times with a pellet gun.

Certain rescue organizations may have euthanized a dog in Maggie’s condition. However, not this girl. There was something about her that was worth preserving…

Maggie’s predicament was shared on social media by the Wild at Heart Foundation in the hope that someone would feel driven to adopt her. Kasey Carlin’s mother discovered the post and immediately realized Maggie was destined to be a part of their family.

“When my mother saw Maggie’s post, she told me we ought to foster her. When I returned home and saw the photograph, I agreed.”

Maggie underwent surgery to close her eyes, but she finally recovered sufficiently to move into her new home with 25-year-old Kasey and her mother. The only issue was that they were separated by 2,500 kilometers.

As a result, Maggie boarded her first aircraft and began the thousand-mile journey to her new home.

Kasey had been having a difficult emotional time, but the moment she spotted Maggie at the airport, her emotions quickly rose. Additionally, caring for a special-needs puppy diverted Kasey’s attention away from her own problem.

“I was overcome with emotion when I greeted her at the airport. I contacted many blind dog rescue organizations to determine the best course of action. They instructed her to map out the house room by room. However, we partitioned the kitchen, and she spent the first night in her box. I took her outside to use the restroom, and it was the first time she had come into contact with grass. “

Maggie adapted brilliantly into Kasey’s home despite having undergone unimaginably awful abuse and torment.

“She is simply brilliant. She is brimming with vitality and vivacity. She walks off the lead and circles around with me. She must have been in anguish, but she never hurts anyone and is so caring.”

Maggie’s compassionate personality enabled her to give back in ways no one imagined she could. She enrolled in therapy dog training and now visits a college campus to improve students’ spirits. She will eventually do hospital rounds.

“I’ve never encountered a dog quite like Maggie. I’m at a loss for an explanation as to why someone would wish to harm such a pure and innocent spirit. They attempted to crush her spirit‚Ķ Maggie, on the other hand, is unbreakable! She is virtually indestructible!! Not only has she endured hardships throughout her life, but she has also chosen to forgive and live her best life every single day! That, I believe, is what makes Maggie so magical. To endure so much and still have love in her heart, to regain trust, to forgive entirely‚Ķ she is a lovely little angel.”

While Maggie was hanging on by a thread in life, she was meant to be so much more than just another abused victim. So many people fell in love with Maggie while she was at the shelter that Kasey set up an Instagram account called “maggiethewunderdog” for everyone to follow along with her adventures.

As long as Maggie is hanging on by a thread, she is meant to be so much more than just another rescue dog. She is helping others and saving their lives today.