Woman Freaks Out When She ‘Loses’ Cat, Then Finds Her Hiding In Plain Sight

She’s extremely challenging to find!

Snooki has never been one to hide out in the shadows, but she does enjoy a good resting spot, and occasionally, her choice of location causes some fuss.

Brianna, Snooki’s mother, had just begun feeding the cats when she contacted Snooki to let her know it was mealtime. Snooki always shows up soon away, so when she didn’t, her mother was instantly concerned.


The Dodo quoted Brianna as saying, “I was phoning her for three minutes and then got scared because our porch door was open, so I was thinking the worst.”

As Brianna continued to yell for Snooki, she contacted her boyfriend in a panic. When she eventually saw Snooki, she was hiding in plain sight.


Her look was like, “Wtf… I was asleep,” Brianna recalled, and her head popped up. She was directly in front of my face when I burst out laughing hysterically.

Brianna had to take a picture as proof since she couldn’t believe she’d missed Snooki’s very obvious yet cunning hiding place. She made the decision to share the photo online with the hope that others would find it amusing as well. However, it quickly evolved into a challenging “find the hidden cat” game that many people struggled to complete.


I didn’t expect she would be that elusive from the photo itself, so it was interesting to watch everyone asking for hints, Brianna added.

Snooki had only intended to take a sleep, but instead she nearly gave her mother a heart attack and made a delightful game that anyone could play online. The job of a day is done.