Woman Gives Dog Her Own Jacket So He Stays Cozy Waiting Outside

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, Kristina Hollie and another coworker were waiting for the bus when they saw a cute dog out and about with his mom on errands. His mother was getting ready to go to the post office, but she was unable to bring the dog along. As she began to tie him to the tree, she did something that brought tears to the eyes of all who witnessed it.

Hollie told The Dodo that it was “extremely cold and windy” outside. As I approached him, I observed that he was shaking. As soon as she saw the dog sitting there, she pulled off her jacket and covered him with it. To avoid having him kick it off, she may have bent down and zipped it around him! “


As his mother wrapped her jacket around him, the dog remained perfectly still. The woman clearly wanted to bring her dog inside if she could, and because she couldn’t, she wanted to make sure he was as comfortable as possible until she returned, no matter how short her absence was.

I told her right away, as soon as she stood up and walked by me, how nice and caring what she did was. Hollie stated. A simple “Thank you!” came from her reply. “I don’t want him to be cold!”


People stopped to take pictures of the cute pup and comment on how cozy his jacket looked as he sat on the pavement in the city.

In addition to Hollie, a few other folks who passed by commented on how cute and warm he appeared.


Finally, Hollie’s bus arrived on the horizon. It was when she boarded the train that she looked back at the dog, dressed in a jacket, sitting proudly on the sidewalk. He proudly sat in his jacket, waiting for his mom, who loved him enough to give him the jacket off her back.

T/H: The DoDo