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Woman gives food to a blind raccoon, then hits records when he brings his two tiny “bodyguards”

A kind-hearted woman, Eryn, spent more than five years caring for a raccoon. The half-blind animal appeared at her house in Illinois one day. Since then, this animal enthusiast has left food for him on her porch each day without fail.

Eryn noted that the raccoon wasn’t alone when he was on his way to eating breakfast one day; instead, he was accompanied by two strange companions. In fact, the two kittens seemed to be protecting him. So Eryn grabbed her camera and pressed “record” as soon as she saw them. She also got some great footage of the raccoon playing with his buddies.

After that, the raccoon and his pals ate breakfast together every day. The black kittens accompany him back into the wild once they’ve eaten. It was only one day before the cats showed up, minus the raccoon! It was a sad day when the lovable critter died. A raccoon’s life expectancy is typically one to three years, yet he lived for at least five years.

Now that the raccoon was gone, Eryn couldn’t leave his companions alone. Ultimately, she chose to take them home and raise them as part of her family. They were even able to get to know her other cat.

Because of Eryn and his cat guardians, the blind raccoon was able to enjoy a long and happy life. This film teaches numerous lessons about kindness and love.