Woman Looks In Back Seat And Is Shocked To See A Puppy Optical Illusion

Meet Howard, a 5-month-old Great Dane who is still getting adjusted to his rapidly expanding body.

Howard’s mother, Ellen MacKenzie, told The Dodo, “Right now, he is all legs.” He is currently attempting to determine how these operate.


So far, Howard has mastered a few hobbies, such as swimming in Lake Superior and patiently navigating dog-friendly establishments with his mother.

He is still working on sitting nicely in a parked and moving automobile.

Even though he has free reign of the back seat during car rides, Howard enjoys exploring other areas of the vehicle. If the car is parked and his safety harness is unbuckled, he hops into the front seat without hesitation.

Howard enjoys standing on all four legs and sticking his head out the open sunroof when the vehicle is in motion.

MacKenzie stated, “When he extends his head, you will just see his ears and chops flapping in the wind.”

And if the hatchback’s privacy screen is missing, Howard enjoys leaning over the rear seat to smell whatever is in the trunk. When he detects a particularly pleasant odor, his long front legs leap over the barrier, leaving his hind legs dangling over the back seat.


MacKenzie knows she barely has a few seconds before Howard consumes whatever entices him back there whenever this occurs.

When she looked over her shoulder one day after loading the trunk with groceries and saw a set of Great Dane legs floating in the back, she began calling Howard’s name urgently.

MacKenzie stated, “I didn’t want him to get into the bread bag.” “I kept shouting, ‘Howard! Get away from there!'”

MacKenzie was able to capture Howard’s attention, but the tall dog did not return to his position as expected upon hearing his name. With his front legs still planted in the trunk, he turned his head and rested it on the side of the headrest to create the funniest optical illusion.


Since the vehicle was parked, MacKenzie made a split-second choice to catch the humorous event on tape and send it to her pals. They suggested that she upload it to TikTok, and when she did, it went viral quickly.

It can be watch it here:


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The viral footage was recorded by MacKenzie at precisely the perfect time. Howard became too large to ever again wrap himself around the center headrest.

MacKenzie stated, “Now when he does it, he cannot turn around.” “His posterior becomes wedged between the centre and side headrests. I must completely stop the car in order to free him.”


Howard is growing taller by the day, which means he will soon no longer be able to trunk-surf. However, the growing Great Dane, who reminds MacKenzie of Scooby Doo, still enjoys one mischievous vehicle habit.

MacKenzie stated, “I found a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine car sticker, which is now on the back of my vehicle, while Howard’s ears and chops are out the window enjoying life.” He is undeniably a character.