Woman Meets Stray Dog At The Beach Who Won’t Stop Staring Out To Sea

Recently, while Jolie Mejia and her family were vacationing at a local beach, they uncovered a story of love in its purest form.

It began when they observed a stray dog approaching Meja and her family after they had camped by the water.

“He did not appear to be alone. His fur was pristine, and he had a ribbon around his neck, Meja told The Dodo. I petted him while waiting for his owner, but after many minutes, no one arrived.

The dog appeared to enjoy Meja’s company with the other animals, but his concentration was always focused on the water.

And Meja quickly realized the pleasant explanation for this.

Meja and her family, supposing that the puppy had been abandoned, considered adopting him. Therefore, when a local man walked by, Meja asked him whether he knew the dog’s backstory.

“He added that virtually everyone in the area knows and adores the dog,” Meja stated.

“He informed us that the dog’s owner was a deceased fisherman and that the dog visits the beach every day to stare out to sea.”

The dog may have been standing guard in anticipation of his friend’s untimely return.

“We were deeply moved,” Meja remarked.

Meja believes the dog’s owner died at sea around a year ago, and since then, the dog has been keeping a watchful eye on the water.

Even though the dog’s owner may never return, he still has pals that care about him.

People in the neighborhood appear to be aware of the dog’s tragic past, as they provide him with food, shelter, and care whenever he is in need.

A local veterinarian confirmed to The Dodo that the dog’s name is Vaguito and that he is currently being cared for by a local woman.

At the end of the day, Mejia and her family parted ways with Vaguito as he continued to gaze out to sea.

She will never forget his tragic story of loyalty to a lost love and the loyalty and compassion he received from the community.

“I have a dog at home,” Mejía replied. “I love dogs in general. His narrative deeply moved me.”