Woman Out For A Walk Realizes Someone Is Watching Her

A woman named Lauren was wandering around the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden in Greensboro, North Carolina. Everything was quiet, slow, and peaceful until a tiny chipmunk ran out in front of her.

“As I got closer, I saw the little guy dart across the path and dive into their hole (and yes, they did have snacks in their cheeks),” Lauren, whose last name was not given, told The Dodo.


She was instantly drawn to the cute person walking by, and she decided to wait to see if he would come out of his hole again so she could take a picture. She stood near his hole and looked around again at the garden. Suddenly, she realized that he was watching her.

“I waited a minute or two until they peered out to see if it was safe,” Lauren said.


Since it wasn’t clear what was going on, the chipmunk kept a close eye on Lauren with his curious eyes. At first, it was hard to see him because he was sneaking out from his hole in the leaves. Lauren took a few pictures of the shy chipmunk and then slowly backed away to give him some space. As soon as she was out of his way, he popped out of his hole and ran away.

Even though the whole thing only lasted a few minutes, it made Lauren’s day, and the photos she took have made many other people happy, too.