Woman Paints Fence For Nosy Bulldog – Passerby’s Find It Hilarious

Introducing Bogart, a curious 4-year-old English Bulldog who spends most of his day pushing his head through the garden fence.

You won’t find the typical garden fence around here. Bogart’s human, Ranveig Bjrklid Levinsen, has painted some amusing patterns on the fence so that passersby might have a good laugh.

One of the holes is painted with a jester’s hat, and the other has a king’s clothing painted on it, so it’s essentially a stand-in for something you’d see at a carnival.

Here’s a small but amusing video of him:

To add to the hilarity, Bogart has no idea how absurd he appears to be. They often use both holes at the same time as a source of amusement for him and his mother.

Bogart has gone viral in Denmark; he has also appeared on the Instagram profile of one of Denmark’s most prominent influencers, and now I can see that he is also on a Norwegian dog group.

According to Levinsen, “Bogart is a very loving and happy little English bulldog.” The more people we have over, the better for him, and he can be quite insistent, because he loves to play. “His stubbornness makes him the most difficult dog I’ve ever had to deal with,” says the owner.

Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen: FB