Woman Returns From Store To Find Dog’s Tongue Is Completely Blue

She initially didn’t glance at me when I got into the car.

One day, Rhonda Meeks pulled up to the supermarket and dashed inside to get a water bottle. Lily, her puppy, was left in the air-conditioned car that was parked just in front of her house. She left the car for maybe two minutes before climbing back in, assuming everything was still as she had left it.

Lily’s tongue turned blue instead.


While Lily made an effort to maintain composure, Meeks started giggling right away. It was extra funny because she pretended like nothing had changed.

Meeks told The Dodo, “She didn’t look at me at first when I got in the car.” She simply glanced out the window.


Fortunately, it wasn’t difficult to uncover the enigma of the blue tongue. In the cup holder, Meeks had left a blue Icee, and Lily seemed to have thought it would be fine to serve herself. Sharing truly is caring. Although the sugar in the Icee was not harmful to dogs, it is still advisable to avoid eating too much because it might be unhealthy.

Meeks had no reason to believe that Lily would be interested in the Icee. The pup’s main flaw, though, stood in the way.


She absolutely adores ice, according to Meeks. She gets up and rushes to the refrigerator whenever one of us goes to get something from it.

Lily jumped right in because it appeared like a blue Icee was similar enough to regular ice for her taste. Sadly, she was unable to cover up the fact. Fortunately, Meeks wasn’t irate. Everything about it was hilarious and too cute. Meeks enjoyed a good laugh, and Lily received a tasty snack. In the end, everyone triumphed.