Woman Sees Bird Crying By Storm Drain And Decides To Take A Closer Look

She was begging for assistance.

Bridey Hudson noticed something by the side of the road the other day while she was traveling to get some groceries close to her Australian home.

Hudson told The Dodo, “I saw a worried bird standing over a storm drain.

Hudson made the decision to pause even though she was in the middle of a work. And it’s fortunate that she did.

It became out that the bird was pleading for assistance with her frantic calls.


Hudson exited her car and came closer. From above, Hudson peered down into the storm drain, initially finding it difficult to see anything noteworthy. She then discovered him, hidden in the debris below; he was a small young bird that had fallen in.

The infant bird’s mother, a masked lapwing (often referred to as a “plover” locally), was unable to find him on her own. Instead, she asked a helpful stranger for assistance. As soon as Hudson realized the problem, he started working.

Hudson unlocked the storm drain grate to save the baby bird as the bird’s anxious mother watched.

Here is a video of that incident:

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After saving the baby bird, Hudson warmed up his frail body in her automobile to give him a boost of energy. The anticipated moment had arrived for him and his mother.

So that they might be reunited, Hudson explained, “I placed the baby down somewhere safe and walked away.

Mom’s expression says it all.


On that day, Hudson might have simply opted to go on her way after seeing the distressed bird near the storm drain. But because she was ready to pause and pay attention to the bird’s calls for assistance, the feathered family was reunited.