Woman Sees ‘Black Bag Of Garbage’ Near The Highway, Then Takes A Closer Look

“I was astonished…”

Shena enjoys viewing the expansive blueberry fields that surround the highway as she drives to work. She frequently observes trash bags beside the road and, on occasion, coyotes patrolling the neighborhood.

Shena, who requested that her last name not be used, observed what she subsequently described as a suspicious-looking “black trash bag” one day.

She almost continued driving, but her intuition prompted her to turn around. As she walked along the busy road, she observed a giant black dog secluded in the blueberry bushes.


“I was taken aback,” Shena told The Dodo. “As soon as her eyes opened, a flood of pure relief swept over me.”

Shena approached cautiously so as not to shock the timid dog. She yelled for the dog, but it was difficult to hear her above the noise of the freeway. Shena observed that the dog was damaged, as one of her legs hung at an odd angle. She was aware that she needed assistance immediately, but the fearful, untrusting dog began to flee.

Shena stated, “At one point, I lost sight of her, and I got quite frightened and panicked.” “I was concerned I might lose her, leaving her to suffer alone and in fear. I began jogging along the edge of the blueberry field while scanning each row.


After what seemed like an eternity, Shena rediscovered her. She retrieved a waist pack from her vehicle and converted the strap into a leash. She approached the dog with caution and was able to entice her to approach her.

Shena stated, “My heart exploded with happiness.” “I was so over-the-moon delighted that I was going to be able to help her.”

Shena transported the dog to RAPS Animal Hospital, where veterinarians began treating the dog’s fractured leg. Soon, it became apparent that Shena would never be able to part with her new buddy, so she named the puppy Blueberry in honor of the location where they met.

One year after finding Blueberry, Shena documented her rescue and rehabilitation on camera, which you can view here.